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Oct 11, 2012 7:30am EDT
. >>> nato ministers say they're sticking to a scheduled withdrawal of combat troops from afghanistan by the end of 2014. the organization is under pressure to pull out early after a string of insider attacks against its troops. defense ministers from nato's 28 member nations met in brussels on wednesday on the final day of a two-day conference. about 3,000 nato-led soldiers are stationed in afghanistan mostly from the u.s. some nations want to speed up the pullout of the soldiers. but the meeting confirmed there will be no changes to the withdrawal plan. nato ministers insisted that afghan military and police control an area covering three quarters of the country's population. they also agreed to draw up plans to train afghan troops and police to handle the aftermath of the combat true withdrawal. nato's secretary general insisted the schedule is based on objective assessments on the situation in afghanistan. >> it's not because isf partners rush for the exit. it's not because of lack of cohesion within the coalition. on the contrary. >> but relations between nato-led force and afgha
Oct 1, 2012 11:00pm PDT
>> rose: we begin evening with anders fogh rasmussen, he's the secretary general of nato. this conversation was recorded on friday while he was attending the united nations general assembly. >> by the end of 2013 we will have-- 2014 we lch 352,000 afghan security forces and even more importantly quality wise they will be very capable. some time ago i visited afghanistan myself and i had an opportunity to observe with my own eyes afghan special operation forces in action and i was very impressed by what i saw. so the taliban miscalculate the situation if they think their situation will be better by the end of 2014. they will be faced with a very strong and capable afghan security force. >> rose: we continue by looking at a new project in brooklyn, it's a basketball arena and a development. it brought together interesting people, including mikhail prokhorov and irina prok rovea his sister, bruce ratner the developer and karen brooks hop hopkins. >> i think the barkley center is in keeping with the spirit of brooklyn. >> wh n what way? >> it's like very energetic and you kno
Oct 4, 2012 2:30pm PDT
you for coming in. turkey and its nato allies are treating this attack as a deliberate one. the original mortar fire. russia obviously disagrees. what do you think? >> i cannot think this was a deliberate attack. that would be very unwise in terms of syrian policy making. i think this was an error, so to speak. we are speaking about the civil war situation. there are many people pointing their guns at each other. it is very possible that this turkish lira was not targeted, but the syrian -- that this turkish and village was not targeted, but the syrian -- that is turkish millage -- that this turkish viillage -- village was not targeted. president bashar al-assad is -- for the time being, he is not really -- he does not want to see this. the russians and the chinese would not support such a move. it is not in the syrian interest to act in a very aggressive manner. the turks are very nervous. they have seen border violations on several occasions. let's not forget that back in june, two planes were shot down by the syrians. the turks are very nervous about these developments.
Oct 10, 2012 2:30pm PDT
to damascus. >> in kosovo, nato plans to refocus security operations on the unstable serb enclave in the north of the country. >> major contributor germany says the eu opposes police force was on the wrong track and placing too great an emphasis on forces there. >> attacks on uniformed nato soldiers continue. >> the issue is pressing. germany is the biggest contributor to nato's peacekeeping force in kosovo. troops often struggle to maintain security in the troubled north of the country. the task should have been taken over by the close of a police by now, supported by the eu, but the transfer has not worked. germany has called on nato to find a solution. >> you will see some rebalancing in the coming months with a stronger focus on the north of kosovo, taking into account the ball a tile situation. >> that is good news for thomas, but he is calling for a complete overhaul. >> for this reason, we must also discussed within the european union how we can strengthen the judicial and policing work so that the soldiers to what they are there to do. >> nato sent troops to close a vote to be police k
Oct 10, 2012 5:30pm PDT
in tokyo. nato ministers are sticking to a scheduled withdrawal from afghanistan by the end of 2014. the organization is under pressure to pull out early after a string of insider attacks against its troops. defense ministers from nato's 28 member nations met in brus els on wednesday. about 100,000 nato-led soldiers are stationed in afghanistan, mostly from the u.s. some nations want to speed up the pull out of the soldiers. but they confirm no changes to the withdrawal plan. ministers insist military police control an area covering three-quarters of the country's population. they also agree to draw up plans to train to handle the aftermath of the combat troop withdrawal. nato secretary general insisted the schedule is based on objective assessments of the situation in afghanistan. >> it's not because partners rush for the exit. it's not because of lack of cohesion within our coalition. on the contrary. >> but relations between nato-led forces and afghanistan have been strained by insider attacks. afghan military and police, or people wearing afghan uniforms, have killed more than 5
Oct 2, 2012 7:00pm PDT
by nato secretary general a surge of inside era being at thatting in the war torn country and he has pledged to do everything possible to rebuild relations between the supposed allies. more than 50 soldiers from the nato led coalition have been killed so far this year by members of the afghan army or police or people wearing their uniforms. on saturday five people died when us and afghan soldiers exchanged fire in the eastern province of nordag. details are unclear but it is thought u.s. gun soldiers started the gun fight when they mistakenly believed they were under fire from afghan troops and fogh pledged action to stop insider attacks. >> this strategy aims at undermining trust and confidence and to a certain degree also has succeeded in that and this is the reason why we have taken and will continue to take preventive measures to avoid such insider attacks. >> he says nato will tighten recruitment procedures for afghan soldiers and gather better intelligence on insurgents. he stressed there would be no change to withdrawal plans. >> finally, in 2014 the combat mission will end an
Oct 4, 2012 7:00am EDT
. a burial takes place and nato condemns the assad regime. welcome to gmt. david eades. coming up, with an audience of 50 million to impress, as romney gained ground on obama in the first of the televised presidential debates? >> it is not moral for my generation to keep spending more than we take in, knowing those burdens of will be passed on to the next generation. >> i promised i would fight every single day on behalf of the american people, the middle class, and all those striving to get into the middle class. kept that promise. >> also -- ♪ ♪ you know i love you >> 50 years since the beatles released their first single. it's midday in london, 7:00 in the morning in washington, 2:00 in the afternoon in turkey where the parliament is in an emergency session over a bill of the rise across borders military operations in syria. turkey has already retaliated to the mortar attack that killed five people in a border town. despite international calls for restraint, that military response is still going on. reports that syrian soldiers may have been killed. now this report. >> the
Oct 1, 2012 4:30am EDT
equipment into killing 14.eople, 60 more are in a hospital. there are reports that there are three nato service members who killed, including their afghan translator. nato has not said the nationality of the three nato killed. according to reuters, this is an area of afghanistan that is usually patrolled by u.s. , kohst province. could be u.s. troops injured or dead. we are searching international feeds. we hope to have more later this morning. reporting.nji >> d.c. police investigating a shooting which wounded a man and woman. it happened just after 10:00 at the new york avenue and north capitol street in northwest. in the leg andt shot in the arm. we don't know what led to the shooting. police of not release details on any suspects. >> prince george's county investigating a suspicious apartment fire. this or out before 11:30 last night on livingston terrace in oxon hill. was contained to the second three-story building. no one injured. >> investigators have found the to kidnap a 13-year- old boy at a mcdonald's in silver spring. he was found at the d.c. hospital. he went up to the poi
Oct 2, 2012 7:30am EDT
. >>> the head of nato has acknowledged that the organization is experiencing challenging times in afghanistan. secretary general anders fogh rasmussen says insider attacks have damaged trust between nato troops and their afghan partners. >> obviously this strategy aims at undermining trust and confidence and to a certain degree it has also succeeded in that. >> afghan soldiers and police or people wearing their uniforms have killed more than 50 coalition soldiers this year. rasmussen said nato commanders are taking added precautions when recruiting afghan personnel. and they're working to improve intelligence gathering on insurgents. he said there's no change in plans to withdraw all nato troops from afghanistan by the end of 2014. >>> finance ministers will take on a challenge many have taken on over the years. how to deal with social problems in the middle east. ministers will meet next week in tokyo consider creating a fund to stimulate business and increase jobs in arab nations. the g-8 ministers have given their backing to the arab spring democracy movements in tunisia and egypt. they ag
Oct 1, 2012 4:00am EDT
that killed at least 14 people, including three nato service members. a suicide bomber riding a motorcycle rammed into a patrol. americans have a large presence there. nato is trying to sort out a weekend attack in afghanistan that left two americans dead. the casualties push the number of u.s. personnel killed in afghanistan to 2,000. the circumstances of saturday's violence remains unclear but a fire fight broke out at a checkpoint in eastern afghanistan. what nato hasn't determined so far was the gun battle a result of an insider attack or a deadly misunderstanding. >> reporter: this weekend marked the deadly milestone in afghanistan. 2,000 american soldiers killed since the war began nearly 11 years ago. it happened at a checkpoint in the eastern part of the country. one american soldier, an american contractor and three afghan soldiers were killed in a fire fight. >> the circumstances were somewhat confused but there was a report of insurgent firing taking place which we believe may have been a factor. >> reporter: nato did not say whether this was another in a serious of insider atta
Oct 28, 2012 11:30am EDT
, in fact is not the plan that they are developing in nato now. the plan is to maintain a kind of enduring force, which is going to involve an american counterterrorism force, which will go after the al qaeda. it's going to involve nato advisers, some of whom will have to operate on the tactical level with the afghan troops. if you actually look at the planning, the last american to die in afghanistan will not have died in 2014. they are still going to be fighting an american involvement after that day. >> i also want to say, i can say since i'm no longer in a newspaper and i write an opinionated blog, no, iraq was not worth t. >> why? >> absolutely not. we went to war on false premises. we wasted billions and billions of dollars. enormous amounts. and it's hard to see how the situation has radically improved. we play is a new axis of evil emerging, syria/iraq/pakistan. >> this was an intervention built to create something far more tilted in the direction of western interests? >> it was supposed to establish a pro-american beacon of democrat say that would transform the middle east. in fac
FOX Business
Oct 13, 2012 2:00am EDT
? >> piece was insured by nato and the deterrent combined with the united kingdom is very complex. it has the elected parliament but has no power. it did is ruled by a appointed bureaucrats. even this has been highlighted with democratic the efficiency and then give sovereignty away to europe they have never given people a referendum. human-rights stifles free-speech they will make any dissension illegal. they find the leader in britain coming up to be the second party a tremendous fine for his personal view. gerri: something that shocked and surprised me angela merkel went to greece to talk to people as they try to help them to bail out from their problems and met with nazi protesters. there has been so much violence. how does the you deserve this award? >> exactly. >> greece is one country out of 27. they never said it was entirely responsible. had its share. >> share? it is one of%. >> nato has not been one 90% and is about reconciliation. >> let's take a look at the previous winners. what i would say the previous winners this prize has lost all respect with yes, sir. arafat to he had
Oct 1, 2012 2:30pm PDT
saakashvili did. we want to go further towards european union and nato. >> thank you very much for that. staying in moscow, a russian court has postponed the punk band pussy riot's appeal after one of them fired her lawyer. they have been given nine days to find a new lawyer. the anti-kremlin trio have been sentenced to two years in jail on a number of charges including disturbing the peace. they staged a protest against vladimir putin earlier this year. >> the women from pussy riot came to the appeal hearing without any great expectations that they would be released, but what came next was surely a shock. one of the trio had decided to break with the defense team. >> i do not exactly know what has happened. we met of three women on friday. one of them confirmed we would continue to work together. something must have happened over the weekend. >> the lawyers believe someone may have pressured her to create discord between the women and their legal representatives. the others are sticking by their story that they did not commit a crime when they staged a protest in the moscow cathedral.
Oct 3, 2012 2:30pm PDT
on the phone calling everybody. they especially expect a move from nato. the turks were not happy when they shrugged their shoulders the last time around. and now they really want to see solidarity. nato ambassadors are going to meet tomorrow and we can be sure turkey will pressure nato. >> obviously a developing situation. thank you very much. a few hours to go into the biggest moment in the u.s. election campaign, the first tv debate. president obama will go head-to- head with mitt romney and the stakes are high for both men. >> romney has had a rough few weeks with gaffes. obama is desperate to open up a clear lead with over a month until election day. >> and have been both preparing for the debate in denver. >> the first presidential debate is causing havoc, highways. security is tight in denver. the state of colorado is a tossup between the candidates, making this crucial period every di tella said, even the room temperature and lighting. president obama leads republican challenger mitt romney by three percentage points in national polls. romney is within striking distance. both m
Oct 15, 2012 6:30pm PDT
an offensive there. wood and nato back that up? -- would nato back that up? >> it depends. if there was an attack, nato would have to support the turks to a certain extent. but for the time being, i do not see the turks intervening on more than a limited scale. a very limited scale. >> thank you so much for those comments. when we come back in one minute after a short a break with a global homelessness on the rise, a soccer match to put an end to that. >> and the man who fell from the sky. that is next. >> stay with us. >> are welcome back. >> they have long hoped to create an independent homeland with others in the border region. >> so far, in the north of the have not been affected. syrian troops have pulled out of many towns. the resulting power vacuum has been filled by separatist groups. it has been involved in a bloody insurgency for years. >> many see it as an opportunity to achieve greater autonomy. our reporter traveled from the region, over the border and into syria. >> the scorched landscape baird the marks of a hot, dry summer. we're heading toward the syrian b
Oct 3, 2012 5:30pm PDT
. today syria, according to the u.s. and nato, attacked turkey, which is, of course, a nato ally and a strong u.s. ally across the border, with mortar fire killing reportedly five civilians in a residential area near the border. turkey then retaliated. tonight there was an emergency meeting in brussels. the nato ministers condemning syria for this attack. and also the president, the white house issued a statement from the national security council. hillary clinton spoke to the turkish foreign minister and said the u.s. will support turkey in this. all are condemning syria and holding syria to account. this as also more trouble for the administration with benghazi. the hill is now asking for answers. they want a hearing next week. hillary clinton said today that no one wants to know more than she and the president what happened in benghazi, but we've confirmed that the fbi has not been able to get on the ground because of continuing security concerns, and at this point, more documents, secret and sensitive documents like this one, are still at large in that site being secured only
Sep 30, 2012 5:30pm PDT
that have killed dozens of nato forces. drew levenson tells us how this a tack marks a grim milestone. [gunfire] >> reporter: this weekend marked a deadly milestone in afghanistan. 2,000 american soldiers killed since the war began nearly 11 years ago t. happened at a checkpoint in the eastern part of the country. one u.s. soldier, an american contractor, and three af began soldiers were kill inside a firefight. >> the serbg is stances were somewhat confused. -- afghan soldiers were killed in a firefight. >> the circumstances were come what confused. >> reporter: nato did not say if it was another of a series of insider attacks where afghan soldiers turned on the coalition troops. the so-called green on blue attacks left 52 forces dead this year. joint operations resumed after being suspended two weeks ago. >> our relationships are very strong, and very effective. >> reporter: still, u.s. commanders are concerned about the attacks. >> well, i am mad as hell about them, to be honest about them. >> reporter: the head of nato forces spoke to "60 minutes". >> we are willing to sacrifi
Oct 9, 2012 5:00pm PDT
lives. >>> nato secretary general says it is ready to defend turkey if syria does not stop its cross border attacks. the remark by anders is seen as a warning to bashar al-assad to immediately halt the mortar attacks. >> obviously turkey has a right to defend herself. we have all necessary plans in place to protect and defend turkey. >> rasmussen said that a political solution is the best way to stop the conflict in syria. he called on turkey to show restraint. nato views an attack against a member country as an attack on the alliance as a whole. its members can jointly defend the country. until now nato leaders have repeatedly denied the possibility of military intervention in syria. they have said it could destabilize the rejn. region. >>> the international energy agency predicts iraq's oil production will more than double by 2020 from the current level. the iea made a forecast in a report released on tuesday. the report says that iraq will likely produce 6.1 million barrels of oil a day by 2020. iraq has signed many contracts with international oil companies. the country has been
Oct 10, 2012 7:30am EDT
start bombings adpens se against syria. turkey could try to secure a buffer zone inside syria. nato secretary-general says the alliances ready to defend turk year. the remark is seen as a warning to syrian president, bashar al-assad to halt the cross border attacks. >> obviously, turkey has a right to defend herself. we have all necessary plans in place to protect and defend turkey. >> rasmussen said that the best way to stop the conflict. he called on turkey to show restraint. nato views an attack against a member country as attack on the alliance. members can jointly defend the country. nato leaders denied possibility of military interventions in syria. they have said it destabilize the region. >>> israeli prime minister, benjamin netanyahu says he will call a general election early next year. vote initially scheduled for late 2013. netanyahu said he was bringing the election forward, because the governing coalition failed to agree on spending cuts for next year's budget. he said the decision is for the ben fete of efit of israel. his likud party has strong public support. the pri
Oct 30, 2012 7:00am EDT
to bring you out of afghanistan where two nato troops have been killed there in the south of the country. we understand from nato authorities, it looks as if this killing took place by a man wearing an afghan police uniform. a similar pattern we have heard from many occasions over the past few months. two nato soldiers killed in afghanistan. you are watching bbc world news. still to come, he received a 27- year jail term for war crimes. today the former general is appealing against that conviction. ♪ >> you are watching bbc world news. at least 16 people have been killed in the united states and canada as tropical storm sandy sweeps inland. at least 50 homes in golf in flames in queens as the storm leaves millions without power or transport. the heads of five major financial organizations are meeting with german chancellor angela merkel in berlin to voice their concerns about the economic slowdown. leaders of the world bank, the world trade organization, and the international monetary fund and bank in germany, employment figures have been released. there is a lot to chew over. let's fi
FOX News
Oct 3, 2012 12:00pm PDT
pills. good eye. >>shepard: we are getting word that nato ambassadors will meet later on today. not sure when or where. there is an escalating situation between turkey and syria. i reported syria -- syrian government forces fired multiple mortars that hit a house in turkey and five people in the house died including a six-year old child. people in this small town went to the mayor's office, then the turkish military fired back into syria to targets and the secretary-general of the united nations has stepped forward to urge syria to use restraint, now nato arches coming together to, obviously, the goal is to keep this are from spiraling into a regional issue the last thing a world needs is regional conflict in the middle east. that is not to suggest that is what happened. we waiting for new information. we expect brand new video from turkey shortly. the moment we get it to you we will bring it to you. >> politics now. not just the nominees have to be on their toes. the moderators are likely to come under attack for bias or letting someone dodge a question. jim lehrer compared his job as a
Oct 22, 2012 1:15am EDT
commander of all nato and m coalition troops in t afghanistan?e the most landlocked country is in the world?? they have expanded their ro in mission and role of nationalght. defence. so why are they called lar marines if fighting in the glass mounta
Oct 10, 2012 6:00am PDT
. >>> nato secretary-general ander rasmussen says the alliance is ready to defend turkey. the remark is seen as a warning to syrian president bashar al assad to stop mortar shells from striking turkish territory. >> obviously, turkey has a right to defend herself. we have all necessary plans in place to protect and defend turkey. >> the statement is nato's strongest show of support for turkey so far. nato views an attack against a member country as a strike on the alliance as a whole. its members can jointly defend another member that's attacked. until now, nato leaders have repeatedly ruled out the possibility of intervening with force in syria. they have said that doing so could destabilize the region. rasmussen reiterated his position that a political solution is the best way to end the fighting in syria. he called on turkey to show restraint. >>> taiwan president ma ying-jeou says chinese boats will continue patrols near disputed islands in the east china sea, but he added that he doesn't want to see a worsening of relations with japan. japan controls the islands and calls them the senka
Oct 11, 2012 6:00am PDT
to an ams me any. they now must wait to see how the president handles the family's request. >>> nato is scheduled to pull its troops out of afghanistan by the end of 2014, but the organization is facing criticism that it's rushing to leave amidst questions of whether the country will be able to maintain security on its own. patchari raksawong at our bureau in bangkok has the details. >>> representatives from 28 nato member countries met in brussels on wednesday to discuss the road map for withdrawing security personnel from war-torn afghanistan. they agreed to proceed as scheduled. nhk world's takashi ichinose reports. >> reporter: defense ministers confirm there's no change to the exit strategy. they say that 75% of the population of afghanistan lives in areas where order is maintained by afghan national military and police forces. nato secretary general anders fogh rasmussen stressed the withdrawal plan is based on an objective analysis of the situation in the country. >> it's not because isaf partners rushed for the exit. it's not because of lack of cohesion within our coalition.
Oct 2, 2012 4:00pm PDT
n.a.t.o. members. while the nationalities of the troops have yet to be confirmed most of the troops are american. relations between international forces and afghan partners have been reached to a breaking point. >> cenk: indeed, but nonetheless that has never stopped warmonger john mccain. and he gave us this dribble. >> we're leaving and they're making the appropriate adjustments. he's consistently overridden the advice of recommendations of our military leaders, and the chickens are coming home to roost there. >> cenk: wait a minute chickens coming home to roost? are youare you malcolm x? reverend wright? you're saying that we deserved to be attack? he doesn't listen to his commanders, go to general john alan, the top commander in afghanistan and he's incredible about the attacks. watch. >> should americans brace themselves for more attacks? is this going to continue? >> it will. the enemy recognizes this is a vulnerableage. iraq, the signature weapon we hadn't seen before was the i.e.d. we had to adjust to that. here i think the signature attack that we're beginning to see is goi
FOX News
Oct 3, 2012 4:00pm PDT
border squirmish. there is a problem with the nato charter and treaty. nato ambassadors are right now trying to decide what should be done next. an international situation is escalating. and the response from washington is coming up. plus, we will speak with representatives from each campaign. the democrats and the republicans on this historic night as fox reports live from the university of denver ahead of the first presidential debate in this election from the journalists of fox news, this is is "the fox report." mike rowe here at a ford dealer with a little q&a for fiona. tell me fiona, who's having a big tire event? your ford dealer. who has 11 major brands to choose from? your ford dealer. who's offering a rebate? your ford dealer. who has the low price tire guarantee... affording peace of mind to anyone who might be in the market for a new set of res? your ford dealer. i'm beginning to sense a pattern. buy four select tires, get a $60 rebate. use the ford service credit credit card, get $60 more. that's up to $120. where did you get that sweater vest? your ford dealer. droid doe
Oct 1, 2012 6:00am PDT
was wearing a police uniform. a nato spokesperson confirmed only that it was a suicide attack. three nato service personnel and their translator were among at least 14 people killed. dozens more people were injured. >> translator: i heard an explosion nearby. i came to the scene and saw the dead bodies of policemen and civilians at the scene. a commander of the quick reaction force was also killed. >> the taliban sent a text >> the taliban sent a text message to nhk claiming responsibility. the nationalities of the soldiers killed are unknown, but most troops in afghanistan are american. the number of u.s. military and civilian personnel killed in afghanistan has now risen to more than 2,000. >>> in another deadly incident, five people were killed when u.s. and afghan soldiers exchanged fire over the weekend. the killings seem to underline the growing sense of mistrust between international troops and afghanistan's own security forces. nhk world's hideki yui reports. >> reporter: two americans, one soldier and one contractor, as well as three afghan troops, died following an exchange of f
Oct 23, 2012 2:30pm PDT
been responsible for the hijacking of two nato oil tankers in 2009 as well as the deaths of three german soldiers in 2010. nato later bombed the tankers, killing more than 100 people. dw-tv's political correspondent gave us this update. >> he was captured on friday in a joint operation lasting three hours involving afghan special forces and german special forces. he had been on the isaf most wanted list for quite some time. the official name of the list is the joint prioritized effect list, and it is made above names of insurgents and terrorists that the coalition forces in afghanistan want to see captured or killed as part of their target killing operations in afghanistan, so he is clearly viewed as a serious threat and a big fish. this is indeed a big catch. apart from being blamed in the -- for being involved in the operations we mentioned, he has a considerable track record as a bomb-builder and bomb maker for the taliban and as a logistics manager. he is also the person who ordered taliban suicide bombers to disguise themselves as women by dressing up in purpose -- in burqas.
Oct 11, 2012 4:00pm PDT
and uncertainty about their future after nato forces pull out. this is one example of the progress has been getting a high school in the past 10 years, but in the rural and less secure areas, there are millions that are not getting any kind of education and are under pressure to get married while still a school age. it is tough being a girl in afghanistan, but they are making a much bigger market. >> for more on the efforts of girls around the globe to get an education, i am joined by the ceo of women for women international. we have had two different sides of the same story, the girl's struggle for education and want to start by asking you about her. you have family in pakistan. how common is it for girls to be targeted when they try to get an education? >> is not common for girls to be targeted when they tried to get an education. pakistan has made tremendous progress in educating girls and a number of universities, and number of very strong and professional women. that is why you see the outrage. i think that also it is barbaric and cowardly. for me to challenge a child, their right to e
Oct 1, 2012 7:00am EDT
of the other stories making headlines around the world today. nato has been concerned that three of their troops have been killed in afghanistan. the device is believed to be -- believed to have been detonated, killing an interpreter as well. the japanese prime minister has appointed a popular foreign minister to his cabinet. the appointment is being seen as an attempt to improve relationships with beijing after a period of high tension over disputed islands in the east china sea. 20 years in prison on charges of setting rebellion, human rights groups have condemned the conviction, saying that it is part of a continued campaign against government critics. the prime minister demanded in june that the journalist be arrested for allegedly plot to overthrow the state. tops go back now to our story of the aging population and the challenges of that across the world. our international correspondent has been following the story and joins us now from our london studio. in many senses, this is the price of success, is it not? >> it is a triumph that so many people are living longer. bette
Oct 2, 2012 7:00am EDT
wants to keep the pro- western, pro-nato course i and georgia, he says at the same time he wants to reestablish links with russia. four years ago they avoided a war. he says he wants to really reestablish links together again with moscow, which many georgians support. they think it just makes sense. from a western perspective, it is difficult to see how you rely on both, wanting to join nato, taking part in missions, but that might be a difficult bridge to combine. the other problem is that there are members of the opposition coalition who do have anti- western, anti-coalition views. >> thank you very much, damien. the high court in london, lawyers are challenging the extradition to the united states on health grounds. it is being seen as a last ditch attempt to avoid being sent to the u.s., where he faces accusations of kidnapping. the bbc for the spares -- for affairs correspondent is that the high court for us. we seem to have had quite a few less the thames, as we keep calling them. what is the basis of this latest appeal? >> it is on health grounds. a couple of weeks ago the
Oct 26, 2012 7:00am EDT
the political process and to live in peace and build afghanistan. we have also seen a reaction from nato, the international security assistance force. general john allen also putting out a message strongly condemning the attack and sending condolences and sympathy to the families affected. >> this faryab province was, relatively speaking, one of a more stable areas of afghanistan. there is an impression gathering in the last few days and weeks that the security situation is beginning to unravel in a part of a country we had not expected. is that fair based on what you are seeing and hearing from the capital? >> it does seem to be sporadic and somewhat unpredictable where the violence appears. faryab province traditionally has been one of the most peaceful, has seen an increase in violence probably since april, when there was an attack. local officials said there have been lower level attacks as well, and over the past few weeks, that has gathered pace. they saw only recently the assassination of a former senior taliban official and his son because he had gone over to the government side.
Oct 1, 2012 4:00am EDT
. >>> breaking news overnight from afghanistan. nato said three of its troops have been killed by a suicide bomber in the eastern part of the country. the attacker ran his motorcycle packed with explosives into a u.s. military convoy. the u.s. war reached the grim milestone with the death of an american soldier. the death toll now standing at 2,000. >>> and very fresh revelations in the government's botched gun tracking program known as fast and furious. with dozens more firearms being linked to crimes in mexico. guns connected to fast and furious have now been recovered at the sites of murders, kidnappings and at least two brutal massacres. >>> there are reports at the airports. in the past two days, loaded guns have gotten past tsa agents. >> reporter: in the latest black eye for tsa, a loaded .38 caliber gun like this went undetected by screeners. richardson mistakenly 234r50u with it from new orleans to newark. just one day earlier in orlando, they missed another loaded gun. this time in a firefighter's carry-on bag. that gun made it on to the plane. >> it's scary. >> i am voiced they m
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